How Secure is My School?

School_Emergency_PreparednessWhether you are a parent, educator, student, or a concerned citizen, you may wonder how prepared your schools are for emergencies.  The Grant Helpers are not professional security consultants, but we have gained a lot of experience in the process of writing many successful school security grants. We have assembled a quick checklist of the most common areas to consider when assessing security.

Our two-page "School Emergency Preparedness Overview" is drawn from several authoritative sources and is consistent with U.S. Department of Education and Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) standards. The document consists of a checklist of security readiness items in the four commonly recognized readiness categories:

  • Mitigation and Prevention
  • Preparedness
  • Response
  • Recovery

This document is not by any means a substitute for a thorough analysis of vulnerabilities or detailed planning needed to be well prepared for emergencies.  Rather, it is a general guideline for the lay person who would like to identify obvious, major factors involved with school preparedness.

The document is completely free, and downloading it incurs no obligation for further action. If you are interested in receiving additional information on school security and preparedness grant opportunities, please join our Watch List, our free grant opportunity notification service.

Let's work together to secure our schools and keep our children safe.


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