Grant Writing and Grant Management Services

At, we are dedicated to helping your organization get the funding it needs. Before doing any work, we will get to know you, your situation, and your needs so that we can provide effective grant writing support. With our skills and expertise, it’s our goal to help your organization successfully secure grant funding in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

We offer a variety of services to match your organization’s need and price points, and offer a discount for multiple services. To download a full list of services and our price guide, please fill out the form.

Easy Entry Services

The Watch List - Join our free grant notification service, and we'll contact you if we come across a grant opportunity that seems like a good match for your funding needs.

Free Consultation - Unsure of your organization's needs, or where to get started? Have a specific question? Talk to an experienced grant helper at no charge.

Grant Opportunity Search - We'll perform an initial Fundability Evaluation at no charge to ensure there are grants available for your organization, and get to know your organization and its funding needs. We'll then search for grants and produce a Grant Opportunity Review with at least three different grant opportunities for which your organization can apply.

Grant Strategy Services

Grant Readiness Review- We'll get to know your organization, and help determine ways that it can better find and respond to grant opportunities. We'll produce a document noting any critical gaps in grant readiness and recommend specific ways to increase your odds at securing grant dollars. 

Grant Readiness Support: We'll help build your organization into an effective proposal writing instrument. Common areas of support include:

  • Grant Readiness Support - We can help build your organization into an effective proposal writing instrument. Common areas of support include:

  • Developing a funding profile and target funding sources

  • Identify major types of funding areas that match the profile

  • Establish a systematic way to vet funding opportunities 

  • Advise and edit boilerplate documents

  • Compile a Grant Ready kit for efficient grant writing

Grant Opportunity Review - Have a grant in mind, but unsure if you can competitively compete? We'll review the grant guidelines, check for any potential problems, and make suggestions on how to increase your chances of success.


TheGrantHopper - Help your clients find money for your services while building your reputation as an above-and-beyond service organization.  TheGrantHopper contains industry-specific ideas and suggestions for your company, plus an electronic newsletter you can distribute. 

Ready Reference - When a client needs help with grants, TheGrantHelpers can provide them with advice, guidance, opportunity reviews, proposal reviews, or full proposal preparations.

Grant Proposal Development

Grant Writing - We'll work closely with your organization to create a competitive grant proposal. Tight deadline? We can usually accommodate rush jobs.

Grant Writing Assistance - We can help where needed with text editing, research support, budget preparation, diagrams and graphics, or other specific areas.

Grant Strategy (for a specific opportunity) - A great way to get professional grant assistance on a tight budget. We'll help your organization determine how to make the strongest case for grant funding and map out a general approach. We'll produce two documents - A Case for Funding and a General Approach - which your organization can use to flesh out the final grant proposal.

Grant Proposal Review - Borrow another pair of eyes before submitting the grant proposal. We'll review the guidelines, proofread the proposal, and double check for compliance with the program objectives and guidelines.

Grant Management and Support

Grant Award Management - Many grants have strict reporting requirements once a grant is awarded. We can help your organization manage the grant reporting by providing training, report management tools, invoicing and financial interactions, or managing the entire process.

Evaluation - We can help flesh out the management plan of your proposal, identify and implement assessment tools, perform statistical analyzes as required, and prepare reports that meet your requirements.

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