Grant Services - Advice and Tips

Hit A Home Run With Baseball Grants

Supporting Victims of Sexual Assault

Libraries = Strong Communities

Benefit From Educationally Rich Field Trips

Your Library May Help Find Grants

Grants For First Responders

Grants for Technology-Assisted  Education

Grants for Literacy Education

After-School Program Grants For Under-Served Youth

Professional Development Grants for Science and Math Teachers

Supporting Criminal Justice Professionals

Unique Grants To Benefit Seniors

Professional Development Grants for Math and Science Teachers

Strategic Decisions Regarding Letters of Introduction

Rebuilding After A Disaster

When Disaster Strikes

Two Ways To Stretch Your Construction Funds

Grants for Art and Music Education

Grants to Help the Homeless

Five Ways To Visualize Success

She Said She Would, So She Did - Grants to Fund Women’s Services

Math Teachers, Here’s What Grant Money Can Do for You

Grants for Substance Abuse Prevention and Treatment

How to Get Grants for Gardens: 5 Garden Benefits

No Soliciting

Three Tips for Applying for School Field Trip Grants

Grants: Programs for Veterans

Four Grants to Fund Your After-School Clubs

Top Five Most Common Types of Food and Nutrition Grants

U.S. DoT BUILD Grants for Transportation - Open to Public Entities

Grants to Fund Your Performing Arts Project

Q&A: Grants for War Memorials and Battlefield Preservation

5 Overlooked Grant Basics Part V: Proposal Value Beyond Grant Dollars

Disaster Relief Grants for School Libraries

COPS Grants Now Available

Grants for Health and Wellness

Grants for Recreation Centers

Grants for Food Pantries

Grants for Nutrition Education

5 Overlooked Grant Basics Part IV: Developing Good Collaborations

Grants for Mentoring

STEM Grants

Grants for Disaster Preparedness

Playground Grants

Grants for School Security

Grants for Dog Welfare and Enrichment

5 Overlooked Grant Basics Part III: Demonstrating Value and Impact

Educational Grants

Tourism Grants

Grants for Domestic Violence Assistance

Grants for Outdoor Education

Three Things to Know about Grants in 2018

Five Ways to Say Thank You for Grant Funding!

Grants for Children, At-Risk Youth

Through the Eyes of the Reviewer

Teacher Professional Development Grants

Grants for Animal Agencies

5 Overlooked Grant Basics Part II: Use Numbers to Get More Grants

Receive More Unemployment Assistance Grants

5 Overlooked Grant Basics Part I: Planning a Fundable Project

Grants for Energy and Environment

Grants for Recreation

Grants for Community Gardens

Educational Grants That Are Easy to Apply for

Grants to Aid Homelessness

Grants for Animal Needs

Grants for Emergency Relief

Statistics Can Help Get More Anti-Bullying Grants

Administrative / Overhead Rates in Your Grant Proposal

Grants for School Gardens

Substance Abuse Prevention and Treatment Grants

Environment, Energy, and Green Grants

Field Trip Grants

Grant Ideas for Educators - Part 2: Finding Support for Your Project

COPS Grant Programs Now Accepting Applications

Grant Ideas for Educators - Part I: Planning for Fundability

Grants for Veterans

3 Ways Community Foundations Can Help with Grant Funding

Food Pantry Grants and Networks

Continued Funding During Uncertainty

Grant Source for Organizations Outside the U.S.

Grants for School Nutrition Programs

Three Ways to Fund Recreation Centers with Grants

Grants for Food Pantries

Mentoring Grants

U.S. Department of Justice Grant Opportunities


A Team Approach to Grant Funding

Disaster Relief, Preparedness Grants

Grants for Summer Education

Grants for Sports

Tips to Increase Grant Funding: Letters of Support

Grants for Playgrounds

Increase your Percentage of Grant Funding: Submit Early!

Workforce Re-Entry Grants and Domestic Violence Grants

Grants for Swimming Pools

Grants to Keep Kids Active and Healthy

Grants for Police Departments

Grants for Art Education

Grants for Tourism

Three Ways to Justify a Recreation Center Grant

Grants to be Thankful For

Grants for Food Banks

Hit a Home Run with these Baseball Grants

Applying for Grants with Collaborators

Grants for Mentoring Programs

So You Missed the Deadline for Target’s Field Trip Grants

Grants for Disaster Preparedness, Relief

Grants for Anti-Bullying Programs

Plant a Seed with a School Garden Grant

Guest Blog: Tips and Grant for Neighborhood Watch

How Grants Are Used

If Money Were No Object?

Grants for Domestic Violence Projects

Grants for Dog Parks

Policies And Procedures For Grant-Ready Organizations Part IV

Back-to-School Grants

Policies And Procedures For Grant-Ready Organizations Part III

Police Grants

Policies And Procedures For Grant-Ready Organizations

Grants for Health Needs

A Smorgasbord of Education Grants

Look to Service Organizations for Grant Opportunities

How Grant-Ready Organizations Plan for Success

Grants for Arts and Culture

Grants for Summer School, Camps

Grants for Homelessness Organizations

COPS Hiring Program Now Open

Three Ways to Justify Grants for Parks

Grants for Helping At-Risk Youth

Education Grants Blog Four: STEM

COPS Grants Applications Available

Grants for Financial Literacy Programs

National Nutrition Month, Grants, and School Gardens

Education Grants, Blog Three: Art and Music Grants (Part Two)

Grants for Youth Sports, Recreation

Education Grants, Blog Three: Art and Music Grants (Part One)

Federal Grant Funding for Public Safety in Fiscal Year 2016

Grants for Education Part 2: Multi-Purpose Grants

Opportunities for Garden Grants

It's the Super Bowl of Grants

Grants for Education Part 1: Pre-K and Elementary Financial Support

Three Ways to Justify a Playground Grant

Grant Funding for Healthy Lifestyles in 2016 (Part Two): Stop Smoking.  Eat Heathfully.

Grant Funding for Healthy Lifestyles in 2016

Grants for Hunger, Grants for Food

Grants for Religious Organizations

Watch out for “Hidden” Grant Requirements: Part Four–Evaluating, Reporting, and Follow-up

Finding the Top Funding Agencies for Your Organization

Grants for Reentry Programs

School Music Program Grant Opportunities

Health and Wellness Grant Opportunities

Grant Seeking and Politicians: Like Making a Bed

Proposal Development Brings More Than Funding

Grants to Keep Your School Safe

Grants for Food and Hunger Relief

Grants for School Field Trips

Mapping Out Your Grant Funding Approach

Multiple Streams of Grant Income

Teen Driving Safety Grants

First Steps to Grant Funding: Get Started Building Relationships

Watch out for “Hidden” Grant Requirements: Part Three – Funding, Reps and Certs

Transportation Grant Opportunities

Environmental Grants for Schools

Watch out for “Hidden” Grant Requirements: Part Two

Watch out for “Hidden” Grant Requirements: Part One

Grants to Fund LGBTQ Organizations

Grants for Veterans, Military Personnel

Watch out for “Hidden” Grant Requirements: Part Two

What to Do When the Funds Dry Up

Grants to Fund LGBTQ Organizations

Grants for Veterans, Military Personnel

Grants for Animal Needs, Shelters

Grants for Animal Needs, Shelters

Substance Abuse Grant Opportunities

10 Grants in Your Community

10 of the Most Money-Giving Private Foundations:

Grants to Fund Summer Youth Programs

Five Grant Basics: Grant Types and Grant Processes

Five Grant Basics: Grant Types and Grant Processes

Two Public Safety Grant Programs Accepting Applications

Two Public Safety Grant Programs Accepting Applications

10 Grants in Your Community

10 of the Most Money-Giving Private Foundations:

Grants to Fund Summer Youth Programs

Fighting the War on Poverty in America

Our Top Five Grant Writing Blog Articles

Grants for Food Banks, Hunger, and Nutrition

Let's Go Green Grants

Grants for Math Education

Grants for Older Americans

Outdoor Recreation Grants

Three Ways to Justify Grants for School Gardens

Funding for At-Risk Youth--Three Major Areas Receiving the $$

Grant Funding Requests in FY 2016 Federal Government Budget

Grants from the Gridiron

Three Ways to Justify Grants for Bike Lanes

School Physical Education Grant Opportunities

Grants for Environmental Projects

Grants from Retail Foundations

Top Funding Sources and Strategies for Native American Grants

Grants for Transportation Projects

Three Top-Funding Foundations and Sectors in the United States

Grants for Technology in Schools

Grants for Public Safety

The Groundwork Before the Grant Application

Ask the Grant Helpers

More Ways to Find Funding for Dance, Arts

Grants for Art Education

Grants for Housing Needs

Grants for Municipalities

Grant Opportunities for Literacy Programs

Grants for Senior Citizen Programs

Upcoming Municipal Grant Opportunities

Water and Wastewater Grant Opportunities

Grants for Veterans' Programs

Grants for Swimming Pools, Water Parks

Resources and Grants for Hunger Relief, Food Insecurity

Grants (Management) --> Stewardship

School Emergency Preparedness, Security Grants & Resources

Grants for Poverty Assistance

Grants as American as Apple Pie

Grant Opportunities from Professional Athletes

What are Foundations Funding? -- Foundation Center as Grant Resource

NEH Grants: Media, Libraries, Museums, and More!

Applying for Nonprofit Status – a Brief Overview

Federal Education Grants

COPS Grant Programs Announced

Grants for School Gardens

Grants for Community Gardens

Sample - How To Post

Grant Scams: What You Need to Know

Parks and Recreation Grant Opportunities

STEM Funding Heats Up and Changes State: STEAM Funding

Types of Federal Grants

Municipal Grants: Ways to Attract More Funding

Should You Pay a Fee with a Grant Application?

Ideas for Justifying a Grant

A Buffet of Upcoming Municipal Grant Opportunities

Summer Opportunities for Students

The Importance of an Abstract in Grant Applications

Assistance to Firefighters Grant Opportunity

Transportation Grants for Municipalities

Nutrition and Fitness Grants for Kids

The Five Key Elements of an Effective Sustainability Plan for Grants

Domestic Violence Grants: US DOJ's Office on Violence Against Women

Arts and Culture Grant Opportunities

Professional Development Grants for Teachers

NEA Our Town Grant Opportunity

Offsetting TIF Burdens with Grant Funds: A Real-World Example of Need

Philanthropy and Grant Outlook for 2014

Energy Grant Opportunities for Municipalities

Anti-Bullying Grants and Resources

Giving Thanks for Grants

Program Evaluation Grants

“Green” Grant Opportunities for Municipalities

TheGrantHelpers in Austin, TX

Tales from the Grant Crypt

Intelligent Traffic Systems (ITS) Grants

A Great Resource for Nonprofits:

October is National Energy Awareness Month - Find an Energy Grant!

Public Safety Grants

The Importance of Being a 501(c)(3) Organization

Looking for a Deal? Kids Eat Free!

Economic Development Grant Opportunities

Afterschool Program Benefits and Grant Opportunities

Six Reasons Why Grant Applications Get Rejected

Moving Upstream for Better Chances of Grant Success

Field Trip Grants

Grants for Community Gardens

More Education Funding Opportunities: and NEA Grants

Downtown Revitalization Grant Opportunities

Free Teacher Resources

Tourism and Event-Planning Grants

Head Start: Grant Funding Available

State of Foundation Grant Giving in Illinois

Finding Grants that Match Your Needs: Finding Logical Funding Sources

Finding Grants that Match Your Needs: Different Funding Sources

Grant Opportunities for Municipality Disaster Planning

Some Common Grant Terms and Acronyms

The Impact of STEM Education and Grants

Grant Opportunities: Playgrounds

Real-World Examples of How to Use a Grant

Just Announced: COPS Grants Available for FY 2013

Top 10 Most Giving U.S. Grant Foundations

Impact of Arts Education on Student Achievement

Municipal Economic and Community Development Grants

Be Proactive About Protecting Your Municipal Budget

Municipal Water and Wastewater Grants

Grant-Giving Corporations are Making an Impact on Communities

Trends and Projections for U.S. Federal Government Grant Funding, Part 2 of 2

Trends and Projections for U.S. Federal Government Grant Funding, Part 1 of 2

Let’s Play - Grants for Community Recreation and Outdoor Spaces

10 Well-Known U.S. Grant-Making Foundations You Should Know About

Free Grant Readiness Review for Cities -- through April 15, 2013

Report: More Seeking Grant Funds

Grants for Domestic Violence Programs

Historical Preservation Grant Opportunities

A Grant Writer's Guide to Overcoming Writer's Block

Grants for School Security, School Emergency Preparedness

How Secure Is My School?

Looking Back: Useful Grant Writing Information, Part 2 of 2

Looking Back: Useful Grant Writing Information, Part 1 of 2

Does Your Fire Department Need Funding? Check Out These Grants!

Grant Opportunities for Health and Wellness

Tips on Finding Matching Funds for Grants

More Tips on Matching Funds for Grants

See These Grant Opportunities for Animal Shelters

Seek Corporate Grant Support for Education

Tips on Using "Plain Writing" in Grant Writing

Need Education Funding? Find Library and Reading Grants

Got Culture or History? Need Funding? Apply for a Humanity Grant!

Writing Powerful Grant Summaries and Grant Abstracts: Tips & Hints

Environmental Grants Support "Being Green"

Grant Application Formatting Tips

STEM Grant Opportunities

Homelessness Grant Opportunities and Resources

The Common Errors of Grant Writing

Where Can You Find Grant Examples?

Have "Facility Envy?" — Develop Your Community with Municipality Grants

Garden Grants: Earn More Money for Gardens, Part 2 of 2

Garden Grants: Earn More Grant Money for Gardens, Part 1 of 2

Federal grant money available for energy and climate initiatives

Opportunities for Food Grants: Funding to End Hunger

How May We Help You?: Our Grant Development Services, Part 2

How May We Help You?: Our Grant Development Services, Part 1

Student Grants: Finding Funding Sources for Higher Education

Literacy Grants

Grant Alert: Race to the Top

We're Hiring! Grants and Programs Coordinator Needed

What to Do if a Grant Making Foundation is “Off the Grid”

Grant Writing Basics: Letter of Inquiry

Grants for School Playgrounds

Two Free Email Lists You Should Be On for Grants

Lessons in Grant Writing: Check Registrations Early

Foundation Profile: One Percent Foundation

Grant Alert (due 6/26/12): School-Based Health Care Program

First Three Things to Complete Once You Decide to Apply for a Grant

COPS Secure Our Schools Grant Will Not Be Offered in 2012.

How to Recruit Volunteer Grant Writers

Best Practices When Using Volunteers for Grant Writing

The Benefits of Hiring Professional Grant Writers

We're Hiring!

A Grant Program To Keep in Mind: September 11th Remembrance Grants

Grants for Businesses: A Realistic Assessment

3 Great Resources: Logic Models and Grant Writing

Using Google to Find Grants, Part II

Increase Your Return on Your Grant Writing Efforts for Free

Grant Writing Resolutions for 2012

Using Google to Find Grants, Part I

Grants for Starting a Business: SBA Prime Grant

A Unique Foundation You May Not Have Heard Of

How to Vet a Grant Opportunity

Protect Your Organization When Applying for Grants: Part 2

Protect Your Organization When Applying for Grants: Part 1

Three Places You May Not Have Thought To Look for Grants

What Goes Into a Grant Readiness Kit?

Great Resource: Grant Notification Service

Is Your Organization Grant Ready?

What is a Grant Strategy? 3 Components:

Write a Competitive Grant: The Perks of an External Grant Review

Grant Dollars for School Safety Response

Grants for Regional Planning and Economic Development

Grant Writing Due Diligence: 6 Things to Consider Before Searching

No Unsolicited Grant Proposals? How to Get Noticed By a Foundation

5 Traits of a Business Grant Writer

What Grants Won't Pay For

Inexpensive Ways to Improve Your School’s Security

Grants for Businesses

Three Things to Consider When Hiring a Grant Writer

Grant Opportunity: Project Safe Neighborhoods

3 Things Your Grant Writer Shouldn't Do

Organizations may be in need of more grant funding due to economy

Top Three Things You Must Do Before You Submit a Grant Proposal

Legal Issues to Consider When Addressing School Safety: Free Speech

Legal Issues to Consider When Addressing School Security: Privacy

Grant Opportunity: COPS Grant Provides Funding for School Safety

Free Online Resources for School Emergency Preparedness

Avoid a Grant Writing Pitfall: Communicate with Key Stakeholders

Let Us Help You Find Grant Opportunities

No REMS Grant Funding for 2011

Grant Funding for School Safety Initiatives

Did you know is on Twitter?

Matching Funds and Grant Writing

A Partial Replacement for REMS School Preparedness Funding?

5 Things You Need to Know About Indirect Rates and Grants

What's Happening to the REMS Grant Program?

Grant Writing Lessons: What is an Indirect Rate?

REMS Grant Deadline Update

When to Pass a Grant Opportunity By

School Safety Grants and New Technology

Write a Stronger Grant: What Reviewers Look for in Grant Applications

Best Practices in Grant Writing: FEMA Tool

New Topic Focus for REMS grants

How can REMS grant funding be used?

Now's the Time to Start Preparing your REMS Grant Application

Lessons from a Grant Writer: The Myth of the Easy Grant

Grant Writing Tip #10: What To Do If Your Grant is Rejected

Grant Writing Tip #9: Submitting Your Grant Application

Grant Writing Tip #8: Review Your Grant Before Final Submission

Grant Writing Tip #7: Link Your Budget to Project Goals

Grant Writing Tip #6: Talk to the Funding Office

Grant Writing Tip #5: Tips for a Strong Grant Evaluation Plan

Grant Writing Tip #4: Clear, Measurable Objectives

Write a Better Grant: Tip #3 Make the Case

Write a Better Grant in 10 Steps

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