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The Benefits of Hiring Professional Grant Writers

Tue, Apr 17, 2012 @ 12:04 PM / by Katie Adams

professional grant writers resized 600 There are limited amounts of grant dollars available, and competition can be fierce.  By choosing to hire professional grant writers, you can improve your organization’s competitive edge when competing for grant funding.

1.    Experience and skill mean more dollars for your organization
Professional grant writers know the field, and as a result of that experience, they can be more efficient and effective.  This can result in more funds for your organization.  In addition, in many cases, professional grant writers can lower overall costs by accelerating the learning curve.

2.    Flexibility to fit an organization’s needs, at a lower cost
Professional grant writers are poised to assist where their help is most needed – be it managing an entire proposal process, assisting with only one proposal section, or reviewing a proposal prior to submission.  By hiring a professional, the organization can receive personalized help without having to bear the overhead costs of a traditional employee.

3.    A focus on fundraising
When grant writing is delegated to an employee with other responsibilities, that task must then compete for the employee’s attention and focus.  This might mean fewer results, as a grant effort benefits from consistency.  Time should be regularly set aside to research and identify potential funding sources, prepare applications and funding reports, and follow up with grant makers.  By hiring a professional grant writer, you are bringing someone on board who is focused on one responsibility alone – raising grant funds to meet your organization’s needs.

4.    Potential to grow your own skills
If you organization does not have grant writing skills in-house, hiring professional grant writers can be the first step towards developing those skills.  By working closely with grant writing professionals, other staffers can become more comfortable with the processes required to develop a successful grant proposal.  In addition, many professional grant writers are willing to provide grant writing training (including!).

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