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See These Grant Opportunities for Animal Shelters

Wed, Dec 19, 2012 @ 11:12 AM / by Alisyn Franzen

We have received several inquiries lately about funding to support animal shelters. For all of you animal lovers and shelter workers, this blog is for you. We will highlight a select few of the many grant opportunities that may fit your needs. Remember that we are here to help you. If you need to find additional funding sources, or if you need help throughout any part of the grant process, we offer a variety of services to best fit your needs and help you meet your goals.


The American Humane Society’s Second Chance Fund

The Second Chance Fund provides financial assistance to animal welfare organizations that are responsible for caring for animals as they are readied to be placed into permanent homes. In order to qualify for a Second Chance Fund grant, an agency, private or public, must be a non-profit 501(c)(3) corporation (e.g., animal welfare organization, rescue group, etc.) or a municipal agency (e.g., animal control, county or city agency).

Applications for funds must be received within six months following the date of the intake of the animal or animals for which funding is requested. There is a $2,000 limit per fiscal year that any one agency can receive.

For more information on the Second Chance Fund, please visit its website.

Deadline: Ongoing


Animal Shelter GrantPetco Foundation Grants

There are four types of grants that Petco offers.

Capital Grants – usually fund new buildings, remodels on existing buildings, vehicles, equipment, etc.

Product Support – for requesting product donations. Only products carried by Petco may be donated, and products must be picked up at a Petco store. Donations can be used for general operations, special event/goodie bags, food bank or feeding programs, disaster relief, silent auction, transport/holding/adoptions, etc.

We Are Family Too – provides short-term and seed funding for programs created by animal welfare groups to assist pet owners who are experiencing temporary financial difficulty keeping their animals. This grant funds pet food banks, product donations, short-term foster pet care, veterinary services, etc.

4 Rs Project Support – provides money for projects that support the 4 Rs of the Petco Foundation: Reduce (spay/neuter), Rescue (adoptions), Rehabilitate (training), Rejoice (assists with human/animal bond). This funding request is also for sponsorships. Items covered by this grant include general veterinary services, spay/neuter, trap/neuter/return (for feral animals), training, adoptions, animal assisted therapy, dog parks, emergencies, etc.

To apply for a Petco Foundation grant, organizations must be designated as non-profit 501(c)(3) corporation. Individuals are not eligible. The Petco Foundation does not have a dollar amount that they award published on their website. However, there is mention of their policy on paying indirect costs related to projects more than and less than $100,000, so the funding amount of a Petco grant varies but may be over $100,000, depending on the request from the applicant. For more information, see the Petco Foundation’s website.

Deadline: Depends on program


PetSmart Grants

PetSmart provides funding to nonprofit organizations that are committed to saving the lives of homeless pets. Several different types of grants are offered. 

  • Conference Sponsorship – available to organizers of training conferences (application period is ongoing)

  • Free-roaming Cat Spay/Neuter Program – provides funding, planning and mentoring for a trap/neuter/return program for free-roaming cats (application period is twice per year)

  • Targeted Spay/Neuter Program – identifies a geographic, demographic, or animal-specific segment of the community that has a need for low-cost spay/neuter services (application period is twice per year)

  • Spay/Neuter Clinic Equipment Program – funds the purchase of equipment and consumables for start-up or expansion of high-volume spay/neuter clinics in which at least 75% of surgeries are done on public animals (application period is ongoing)

  • Emergency Relief Funding – assists in large-scale disasters (e.g. natural catastrophes), multiple-animal rescue disasters, or one-animal victim of abuse of violence

  • In-Store Adoption Partner – helps approved PetSmart Charities Adoption Partners earn funding through Adoption Events or Adoption Rewards programs

  • Rescue Waggin’ Program – funds various aspects of destination and source shelters for puppies and dogs

  • Audit Grants – provides some support for an organization’s first financial audit (application period is ongoing)

  • Grants for Canadian Agencies – see PetSmart’s Charities of Canada for specific requirements and funding guidelines

Deadline: Depends on program


Again, these are just a small sample of the opportunities that are available for funding animal shelters and animal-related programs. If you need assistance throughout any step of the grant application process, contact a grant expert today.


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