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Wed, Nov 6, 2013 @ 07:11 AM / by Roland Garton

Siemens_TGH_Austin_TXThis week I travel to Austin, Texas to speak at the national distributor’s meeting of Siemens’ Intelligent Traffic Systems Division.  I’d recommend their website to anyone interested in some impressive traffic system technology. The end purchasers of their products are mostly municipalities.


Siemens, like many companies, realizes the importance of grant funding in their highly competitive field.  I’ll be speaking to very successful individuals who sell lead-the-field, state-of-the-art products to large and small municipalities, even to entire regions and states.  They are already very good at what they do.  My job is to help make them even better at their jobs, in this case by offering them tools and techniques to support their clients in the grant writing process.


I will be offering them an understanding of the grant planning process so they can identify points where they can have useful input, without a significant time commitment.  Those are areas where The Grant Helpers can offer much in the way of assistance.  Because we do grant writing all the time, we have large databases of funding sources, and we are efficient at the process of grant development itself.


I will advise them on the importance of understanding the client’s process, being able to provide suggestions for improving the client's grant process, and suggesting strategies for building a collection of tools to support the grant development process.  The Grant Helpers are uniquely qualified to offer assistance in these areas as a result of our extensive experience, databases of funding sources, and proven ability to develop successful grant strategies and applications.  If I do my job, those at the meeting will come away with the ability to secure more grant dollars to improve the traffic situations for their clients' communities.  I am looking forward to this opportunity to add value to this extraordinary organization.

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Roland Garton

Written by Roland Garton

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