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Wed, Dec 4, 2013 @ 19:12 PM / by Tammi Hughes

What do Tom Cruise, Sandra Bullock, Tiger Woods, Michael Phelps, Eminem, Princess Kate, and Bill Clinton have in common? Aside from being famous, all of them were victims of bullying at one point in their lives. This blog article features a few different resources that might be of interest to anyone who is interested in bullying prevention, and we mention some foundations that support anti-bullying efforts as well.

Bullying Basics defines bullying as “unwanted, aggressivAntiBullying Grantse behavior among school aged children that involves a real or perceived power imbalance.” Bullying is often a repeated behavior and can include verbal or written attacks, social bullying (leaving someone out, embarrassing someone, etc.), or physically bullying one’s body or possessions.

While bullying is one of the latest buzzwords in the world of education, the issue of bullying is not unique to a school-only setting. Bullying can take place both in and out of school. It can take many forms and can claim many victims, regardless of age, gender, socioeconomic status, etc. Even some professional athletes, have fallen victim to bullying.

Take for example the recent media attention given to the NFL football players in the Richie Incognito vs. Jonathan Martin incident. As a result of alleged bullying, Jonathan Martin resigned from the NFL, and Incognito was suspended for using a racial slur in what was considered a threatening voicemail that he had left Martin. In another football-related case, a high school football coach suspended his entire team for the online bullying of another student.

According to one publication by, “Children who bully and who are bullied [both in and out of school], are more likely than other children to be involved in fighting and carry a weapon.” also reports that of the children who are involved in bullying outside of school on a weekly basis, 70% of boys and 30-40% of girls reported carrying a weapon in the last month.

Anti-Bullying Grants

As a result of an increase in school-related violence, the popularity of bullying via social media, and the number of media stories we hear about victims of bullying who have caused self-inflicted harm, bullying prevention efforts have increased over the years. In fact, various sports-related foundations, including the following, support anti-bullying programs:

Contact us if you would like assistance in learning more about other foundations with a focus on bullying prevention.

Additional Anti-Bullying Resources

  • Katy Perry’s hit pop song “Roar” acts for many as an anti-bullying anthem. You can read more about one Tampa school whose sixth graders performed the song at an assembly as a way to combat bullying.

  • provides a great amount of information on bullying and its numbers as they relate to various situations, including cyber bullying, teacher bullying, adult and children bullying, bullying and violence, bullying and suicide, etc.

As always, is here to assist you in your efforts. If you need assistance in finding additional resources or funding sources for your bullying prevention program or for starting a bullying prevention program, please do not hesitate to contact us. Remember, our initial consultations are free.


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