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Grants for Poverty Assistance

Thu, Jul 10, 2014 @ 16:07 PM / by Michelle Hansen

In 2012, according to the U.S. Census Bureau, the official poverty rate in the U.S. was 15.0 percent. There were 46.5 million people in poverty. Municipalities and non-profit organizations are constantly working to ease the burden on the impoverished bypoverty creating outreach programs, providing education, and building affordable housing. There are numerous grants available to help provide these services to those in need. Below are a selected few. For more grant opportunities to help with poverty programs, please contact us so that one of our expert Grant Helpers can customize a search just for you.

Charles Stewart Mott Foundation

This foundation has the Pathways Out of Poverty program to identify, test, and help sustain roads out of poverty for both individuals and communities. The program is broken into four different grant making areas: Improving Community Education, Expanding Economic Opportunity, Building Organized Communities, and Special Initiatives. Those interested in applying for a grant should start the process by submitting a letter of inquiry. Funding for unsolicited proposals are limited in this program. The majority of the grants are between $15,000 and $250,000 annually. Both non-profits and municipalities are eligible to apply for funding.

Citi Foundation

The Citi Foundation grant program focuses on economic improvements that strengthen low-income families and communities. This program contains several different focus areas including: financial capability and asset building, microfinance and community development finance, enterprise development, college success, and youth economic opportunities. Additionally, the Pathways to Progress program is a three-year, $50 million commitment to give 100,000 low-income youth in the United States the opportunity to develop the workplace skills and leadership experience necessary to compete in a 21st century economy.

Herb Block Foundation

Also called the Pathways Out of Poverty program, these grants focus on helping needy young people and adults gain a quality education. Proposals focusing on student achievement need to be aimed toward middle school age children and older. Projects may include after-school or in-school programs, community-based educational programs, as well as mentoring programs. For projects serving adults, the Herb Block Foundation seeks proposals to provide literacy education and GED preparation, and to offer vocational training and job placement. Applicants must be 501(c)(3) organizations. Grants in the range of $5,000 to $25,000 will be considered. The 2014 grant program is already closed. Letters of Intent (LOI) for the 2015 program will be due February 6, 2015.

USDA Rural Community Development Initiative Grants

This USDA program aims to develop the capacity and ability of private, non-profit community-based housing and community development organizations, and low income rural communities to improve housing, community facilities, and community and economic development projects in rural areas. Grants can be used for home ownership education, technical assistance in a variety of areas, and training for grantees on how to prepare a strategic plan. The 2014 grant program is already closed.

RGK Foundation

This independent foundation focuses on three areas: education, community, and health/medicine. In all three categories, grants are awarded to organizations helping the underprivileged. Education interests include K-12 education, literacy, and higher education. Within the community focus, the foundation hopes to award grants to a broad range of human services and community development. The foundation’s interest in health/medicine include those that promote the health and well-being of children and families as well as programs that promote access to health services. Non-profit organizations must complete an electronic Letter of Inquiry from the Web site as the first step to apply for a grant. These are accepted throughout the year. The average foundation grant is $25,000.

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