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Fighting the War on Poverty in America

Wed, Apr 22, 2015 @ 10:04 AM / by Mary Ross

According to, in 2013 45.3 million people were in poverty. poverty resized 600With poverty in America this high, the need for help is paramount.  Many foundations are helping with grants to aid the war on poverty. Here are just a few of the foundations providing support for poverty relief:


The Ford Foundation 

This foundation is working for social change wherever and however possible. The goals of this foundation are broad, allowing many opportunities for funding. Take a look at the foundations vision for supporting economic growth over a lifetime before heading over to review opportunities for poverty funding. There are no submission deadlines—grant proposals are accepted all year.  Remember that showing the ways in which your goals line up with theirs, the number of people you can help, and what you have done so far, will all help in capturing grant dollars. There is no specific amount of money that is typically awarded; The Ford Foundation has awarded as much as a million dollars at a time, so dream big!


The Michael & Susan Dell Foundation

The Michael & Susan Dell Foundation has awarded grants from $500 to several million dollars. Its primary goal is to support programs that “serve or impact children living in urban poverty, particularly in the areas of education, childhood health and family economic stability.” This foundation looks specifically at your program’s goals, how you will reach them, and how many children you will help. Applications are submitted on-line, and can be started at any time.


Charles Stewart Mott Foundation 

The Charles Stewart Mott Foundation’s program “Pathways to Opportunity” supports afterschool and other educational programs that use education to provide opportunities out of poverty. This foundation is looking for programs supporting “education, employment and community engagement” as a means of helping those in need. If you are interested in learning more about their program, you can submit a letter of inquiry before developing a full grant proposal application. Some of their grantees have received as much as $750,000.  


These three foundations all support poverty programs nationwide, but don’t overlook the support in your own back yard. The Denver Foundation supports community programs fighting poverty in and around Denver. The Barrett-Bateman Foundation supports programs in and around Seacaucus, New Jersey (application address: c/o Global Anti-Poverty and Disease, Harmon Cove Towers, Apt. 403, Seacaucus, NJ 07094). The Community Foundation supports programs in Northern Virginia. Knowing what’s available locally is just as important as looking into the national programs.


We can help you find lots more opportunities with our search experience, streams of grant notification services, and subscriptions to multiple grant database services. Contact to see how we can find the grant you need and work with you to create an application that attracts those funds.


  Photo Credit: Jim Fischer

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Mary Ross

Written by Mary Ross

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