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Write a Better Grant in 10 Steps

Mon, Aug 2, 2010 @ 09:08 AM / by Katie Adams

The grant writing industry is a competitive one - especially in today's economic climate. With a limited amount of funds to award, every sentence you write matters in helping to ensure that your grant makes it into the "Accepted" pile. After years of reviewing proposals, evaluating reviewer's comments, and working with individual reviewers and program offices alike, we've come to recognize some of the most common steps grant writers can take to help ensure their grant proposal will be funded. Over the next month, we're going to share some of these tips with you - be sure to keep them in mind the next time you're writing a proposal: 

1. Follow the Directions in the Grant Guidelines

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Agencies are so inundated with funding requests that they are looking for reasons to dismiss proposals without review, and the quickest way to the trash can is by not following agency-provided directions. Make sure you read the proposal announcement and guidelines thoroughly before you start the grant writing process, and continually as you develop the proposal.  You must meet all the technical requirements of the proposal in order to get reviewed.  Then you must respond to all of the content requested by the funding agency in order to win the award.

 2. Make Sure It's a Good Fit for the Funding Agency, and then Show Them How

professional grant writers in Illinois

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It doesn't matter how great your idea is.  If it doesn't fit within the goals of the agency, the agency won't be writing you a check. Make sure that your grant is a good fit before you submit it. In the proposal text, describe at key points specifically how your project fits within the agency's mission as well as the specific program’s goals and requirements. Provide clear linkages between what the funding agencis looking for and how your proposal provides just that. 

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Katie Adams

Written by Katie Adams

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