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Write a Competitive Grant: The Perks of an External Grant Review

Wed, Sep 7, 2011 @ 14:09 PM / by Katie Adams

For some organizations, it's not economically feasible to hire a professional grant writer to manage the entire grant writing process. Other times, organizations want to begin to transfer grant writing into an internal responsibility, but need some assistance throughout the transition. For those organizations, we often suggest they look into having a professional grant review completed prior to submitting the grant. It's an easy to way to get some professional assistance on a grant that's written internally.

grant proofreading resized 600At, we suggest clients send us their grant draft (ideally) a week before the final grant deadline. We then review the grant guidelines, and check the grant for guideline complicity. This helps ensure that the grant won't be rejected due to a requirement oversight.

We then double check vital identifying information, such as DUNS numbers and phone numbers, and review the grant budget forms for accuracy.

We also proofread the grant, and make comments for suggested edits to make the grant more competitive.

At the end of the process, we return the document with our edits marked and explain the rationale behind our changes so the client understands the process. The end result is a more competent grant application and a more confident client - a win-win!

Interested in hiring us for a Grant Review? Contact a Grant Helper today.

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