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Is Your Organization Grant Ready?

Fri, Sep 30, 2011 @ 14:09 PM / by Katie Adams

grant readiness resized 600An organization that is “grant ready” is one that is prepared to find, apply for, and receive grants.  Whether or not a potential funding opportunity has been identified, there are a number of steps an organization can take now to prepare to apply for future grants. 

The benefits to being grant ready

  • More funding – Being well prepared with the proper resources, processes, and tools can greatly increase your ability to win competitive grant dollars.
  • Quick turn around - Organizations that are grant ready can respond to relevant opportunities as they learn about them, even if the deadline is tight.
  • More efficient – Spend less time spinning your wheels, preparing the same documents over and over again for grant applications.
  • Always getting better– As organizations apply for more grants, they learn their strengths and weaknesses, which makes their future applications stronger.

Areas of Grant Readiness

  • Grant Strategy - What are your highest priorities for funding? Who are the most likely funders? How will you decide when to apply? Which efforts are worth the time and money to pursue?  All of these factors should be a part of your organization’s grant strategy.
  • “Boilerplate” documents and necessary information compiled – The “grant writing window” can be tight. Having frequently-requested information and documents in an easily accessible format and location can make the grant process smoother.
  • Partnerships and Collaborations – Who is your organization working with, or would like to work with? What does that relationship look like? Grant applications are often strengthened by partnerships and collaborations.
  • Processes and Tools – Every grant application is different, but the processes can be similar. Being grant ready means that your organization has streamlined and simplified the grant writing process as much as possible.

At The Grant Helpers, we’ve prepared a Grant Readiness Inventory Checklist to assist you in becoming more grant ready.  The checklist consists of items and actions to consider when preparing to apply for grant opportunities. You can download your free copy of the Grant Helpers Grant Readiness Checklist here.

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Written by Katie Adams

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