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Grant Dollars for School Safety Response

Thu, Sep 1, 2011 @ 13:09 PM / by Katie Adams

If your school district has experienced a traumatic incident, it can apply for federal grant funding to help cover the costs of its response plan.

grants for response to school violenceThe Project SERV (School Emergency Response to Violence) grant program is managed by the Department of Education, and accepts grant proposals year round. Both K-12 public schools (local education agencies, or LEAs) and colleges and universities (institutes of higher education, or IHEs) are eligible to apply. The goal of the grant program is to help schools restore the learning environment and meet the needs of the students and staff as they cope with the incident.

The grant program is broken down into two tracks:

Project SERV Immediate Services

If you apply for grant funding under the Project SERV Immediate Services program, the ways grant funds can be used is limited. The funding must be applied towards restroing the learning environment and addressing acute needs. The grant has a $50,000 limit, which must be spent within a 6 month period.

Project SERV Extended Services

The Extended Services track is reported to be more competitive, and the funding can be used for more extensive services than in the Limited Services track. The grant will provide up to $250,000 to be spent over an 18 month period, which must be used to help students and staff recover from the incident.

What will the grant pay for?

The grant is meant to cover activities that are reasonable and necessary for educational communities and their members to recover from the event. This include, but is not limited to:

  • Technical assistance to develop an appropriate recovery plan to address student needs and for assessing the other resources available to the school and community.

  • Overtime pay for teachers, law enforcement, counselors and other staff, as well as substitute teachers and staff.

  • Temporary security measures, such as non-permenant metal detectors, security guards, and survelliance cameras, as they assist with restoring the learning environment. 

  • Other reasonable requests that fit within the goal of the grant program.

What kind of incidents are eligible?

The Department of Education defines eligible incidents as those being of "such magnitude as to severely disrupt the teaching and learning environment.

Interested in learning more?

You can get more details on the Project SERV grant from the Department of Education's website, or contact a Grant Helper.

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Katie Adams

Written by Katie Adams

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