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Using Google to Find Grants, Part I

Tue, Dec 27, 2011 @ 10:12 AM / by Katie Adams

how to find grants using google resized 600“Where can we find grants?” is a common question we get from clients who are interested in pursuing grant funding.  Of course, we are quick to mention that a professionally-conducted grant opportunity search by can be a good investment.  But you can also get a better idea of the types of grants available to your organization with a well-conducted Google search.  This blog post will focus on how you can more efficiently use Google to find grants by utilizing Google’s search tips.  Part II of this blog post will explore other methods you can implement to find grants through Google.

  • To search for something within a specific website, use: “keyword

For example, to receive results about grants only from, you would type in “grants”

  • If you do not want a specific term to be included in your search results, you’ll want to use “keyword –omitted term”

For example, searching “proposal –wedding” will omit all wedding proposal results from your search.

  • If you want to conduct a search, but have an unknown term, you can use the symbol *. Google will treat * as a placeholder and try to find the best match to fill it in.

For example, if you search “non-profit organizations are eligible for * grant for capacity building,” Google will provide results, replacing * with the name of grant programs for capacity building.

  • If you want to search for specific file types (.doc, .ppt, xls, pdf, etc), you can use the phrase “keyword filetype:xxx

For example, to find a .doc file of a specific grant application, you can search for the  name of the grant application and “filetype:doc”

  • To broaden your search, you can search for sites related to another site.

For example, by searching “,” your results will be websites similar to, such as or

You can access a full list of Google search tips here.

Another Option

If you’d like a highly targeted search across multiple databases, consider hiring for a funding opportunity search. We’ll get to know your organization and its needs, and we’ll identify five different sources of grant funding for which your organization can apply, all for an affordable price. To learn more, contact Katie at

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