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Grant Writing Resolutions for 2012

Wed, Jan 4, 2012 @ 11:01 AM / by Roland Garton

grant writing resolution resized 600New Years Resolutions are not only for personal use. Now is the perfect time to reflect on how your organization might become more effective, efficient, and economical in its grant writing efforts. Here are four grant writing related resolution suggestions for your organization to consider.

  • Start your Grant Readiness Kit

The turn around time between a grant opportunity announcement and a grant deadline can be short.  Proper preparation is the key to being competitive in the grant field. By creating a Grant Readiness Kit, your organization will be better positioned to apply for grants as they become available.

Read our blog post, “What Goes into a Grant Readiness Kit” or download our free Grant Readiness guide to get a Grant Readiness Kit Checklist for your organization. A Grant Readiness Kit has a lot of components, but you don’t have to produce them all at once. Start adding to your kit with each grant proposal, and fill in the gaps when you have the time.

  • Set aside five hours a month for grant research

There are a lot of grant opportunities available, and it can be time-intensive to identify which grants are the best fit for your organization. Devote five hours a month to grant research, including both searching for grant opportunities and vetting them for your organization. This is a great use of volunteers working on their computers from their homes. Make sure to keep track of your findings.

Unsure of where you should look for grants? We recently wrote a blog post on how you can use Google to find grants, but that method has its limits. A paid subscription to a grant database might also be a good purchase for your organization, as it can reduce your search time. Alternatively, if you have a specific funding need, a professionally-conducted grant search by might be a strong investment for your organization. A Funding Opportunity search will provide you with at least 5 different vetted grant opportunities, plus our recommendations on which grants to pursue and what steps you should take next, all at an affordable price. To learn more, you can visit our Services page or email Katie at

  • Establish a grant calendar

Unless you have a grant opportunity tracking system in place, it is easy to lose track of upcoming funding opportunities.  When you come across a grant opportunity that you’d like to apply for, enter it into your calendar and make it a recurring annual event (Google calendar is one free tool that will let you do this). Many grant opportunities are announced around the same time every year. With a grant calendar, even if you aren’t prepared to apply immediately, you’ll be reminded to look into it when the time is right.

  • Brainstorm with us

Whether your organization is just getting started or has several successful proposals, a pair of fresh eyes can increase your effectiveness. The Grant offers free consultations for any grant-related inquiry, and we’re happy to connect with you. To schedule your consultation, email Katie or fill out the form on this page.

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Roland Garton

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