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3 Great Resources: Logic Models and Grant Writing

Wed, Jan 25, 2012 @ 14:01 PM / by Katie Adams

Some grant proposals require logic models.  A logic model is a tool that, simply put, shows the relationships among your program’s resources, actions, outputs and expected outcomes.  Logic models illustrate in table format the activities and effects you expect from your program.

Like any tool, logic models have their limitations.  But they can be very useful for program planning and evaluation.  The thought process required in identifying the inputs you have available, the actions you will undertake,  and the actions’ outcomes, can help uncover program gaps.

We’ve seen several proposal guidelines that require logic models, and we’ve incorporated them into a number of proposals.  Below are three different logic model resources that might be helpful to those who are unfamiliar with logic models, or who might appreciate a refresher course. I hope you find them useful.  

Don’t have a lot of time? A brief resource:

This short 5-page article gives a brief overview of what a program planning and evaluation logic model is, what it is meant to accomplish, and how to create one. It’s easy to understand and a great introduction if you are unfamiliar with logic models used in grant writing. 

Have some time? A long resource:

The Kellogg Foundation provides a free logic model development guide download for nonprofit organizations. It provides a thorough overview of what a logic model is meant to accomplish and provides guidance on how to create one.

Prefer video over text? A video resource:

Commissioned by the CDC, the Asian and Pacific Islander American Health Forum created a webinar on logic models. It is slanted toward health programs, but the lessons are applicable to most nonprofits.  It provides a strong overview of what logic models are, different formats of logic models, and how to use logic models for evaluation and presentation. Note: the presentation begins in earnest around minute 6:39 and runs for about an hour.

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