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Thu, Jul 7, 2016 @ 17:07 PM / by Michelle Hansen

15266978008_a9196708bd_q.jpgToday we are going to describe some grants that will help keep communities, adults, and children healthy-- these grants will help fund health care delivery, research, healthy living, and more. Take a look below for some insight into these grants. Don’t see one that fits your specific needs? Contact us and we can help find grants suitable to fund your desires.

United Health Foundation

Local and national organizations that provide innovative health care delivery that both improves access and outcomes as well as the health and wellness of people are eligible for this grant program. This grant program is aiming to fund organizations that provide preventative health needs, disease prevention and management, healthy aging, and physical fitness. Columbus Public Health received a $1.7 million grant from United Health to add 72 new community health workers to its staff. The staff then conducted outreach to women of childbearing age to help reduce infant mortality rates. This foundation does not publish deadlines, guidelines, or applications. Instead, they recommend contacting them directly to start a grant inquiry.

Healthy Living Grant Program

The American Medical Association (AMA) supports a Healthy Living Grant Program. This fund supports organizations that promote and establish healthy behaviors for young people. The foundation is looking for community-based and school programs that develop solve behavioral health challenges in children. Last year an elementary school received grant money to participate in a prescription drug abuse prevention program. Check back on the website in August for deadlines for this year’s grant deadline.

Healthy Tomorrows Partnership for Children Program (HTPCP)

The goal of this grant program is to promote access to health care for children, youth, and their families. Sponsored by the Department of Health and Human Services, this program is open to public and private entities including community-based and faith-based organizations. Research programs are not eligible for funding. Applications must represent either a new within the community or an innovative new component that builds upon an existing community-based program or initiative. There is no minimum or maximum grant amount; $400,000 total is available this year for this fund. Applications are due Aug. 2.


This foundation is unique in that it currently has 55 schemes (grants) available for application. These schemes offer a wide array of funding opportunities, most involving money yet some offer ideas, equipment, and peer support. The categories funded include: biomedical science research, population health research, product development and applied research, humanities and social science, and public engagement and creative industries. An example of a specific grant in the humanities and social science scheme is a small grant program that supports small-scale research projects, scoping exercises, and meetings. Grants are available to organizations as well as individuals. There is a rolling deadline.

See something you like above? We can help give you a competitive edge when applying with our years of experience in the grant world. Need money for a different type of project? With our extensive database of grants we can find a grant that suits you perfectly. Need a different grant service? We are a full-service grant company with a wide array of services. Contact us today to set up a free phone consultation with one of our expert Grant Helpers.

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Michelle Hansen

Written by Michelle Hansen

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