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Teen Driving Safety Grants

Tue, Sep 1, 2015 @ 15:09 PM / by Paulette Pierre

The autumn season is fast approaching and teenagers are returning to school in droves. Whether still incars high school or heading off to their first year in college, many will be driving themselves to classes. What with adhering to the rules of the road, understanding the dangers of texting and driving, and obeying the speed limit, teenagers shoulder a huge responsibility when getting behind the wheel of a car. has compiled a list of three funders that give grants to organizations focused on teen driving safety. Buckle up!

The Allstate Foundation

As one of the top car insurance companies in the country, Allstate’s main business focus is safe driving. According to the foundation’s website, they have “set a goal to help reduce teen traffic fatalities by 50% by 2015.” Currently, the national foundation is not accepting unsolicited proposals for 2015 but do not let that dissuade you. This does not mean that they do not accept them at all. The foundation funds on a local level so, if you are a nonprofit focused on youth empowerment and teen driving safety, it would help to reach out to your local Allstate office to find out the best way to apply. Personal contact also helps build a relationship between the company and your organization.

The amount of past grants given ranges from $5,000 to $20,000.

Tip: Read through both the Frequently Asked Questions section and the Teen Safe Driving Overview to get a better idea of their program focus

State Farm

Next on the list is another top car insurance company. One of State Farm’s largest funding initiatives is Safety and Awareness. State Farm believes in doing all it can to strengthen and protect those communities in which it does business. According to their website, two of the sub-categories under this umbrella are “auto and roadway safety” and “teen driver education.”

The 2015 funding cycle is closed but the 2016 grant cycle begins September 1, 2015 and runs through October 30, 2015. Applications will be available on their website. Grant requests must be a minimum of $5,000. There does not appear to be a maximum. Funding is released in early 2016. The usual caveats also apply: Your organization must be either a 501(c)(3), 501(c)(4), or, 501(c)(6).

Tip: The guidelines appear to be broad in terms of what State Farm seeks in a fundable proposal. To strengthen your application, keep in mind that as an insurance company, they will be focused on specific measurable outputs (e.g., how many students would be reached; impact on the wider community, etc.).

The Toyota Corporate Giving Program

It’s fitting that a major car manufacturer would indeed be at the forefront of funding driving safety. Toyota’s corporate giving program is focused on three key initiatives—the environment, education and vehicle safety—with vehicle safety being a larger portion of their giving. According to their website, Toyota has “given more than $700 million to date to nonprofits across the country.” Toyota’s vehicle safety initiative focuses on programs that have a wide reach and impact multiple communities. This is something to keep in mind as your organization considers applying for funding.

While there is no set grant cycle, it is recommended that an applicant apply at least three months in advance of the company’s budget funding cycle, which is March 30 of each year. There is no minimum or maximum amount for a budget request. It is dependent on your organization’s proposed vehicle safety program.

The online application is very user-friendly, allowing you to start the application and save it as you go along. You can always pick up where you left off without worrying about losing your information. Check out the FAQ page for more information on application guidelines and tips.

Tip: The online application has a printer-friendly version that allows you to first print out the entire application template before you start filling it in online. This can be a huge benefit as it allows you time to think through all aspects of the application and gather all of the necessary documentation before applying online. This type of preparation will lead to a much stronger and more compelling grant application.



Paulette Pierre

Written by Paulette Pierre

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