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Three Ways to Fund Recreation Centers with Grants

Thu, Apr 20, 2017 @ 19:04 PM / by Tammi Hughes

14005685739_6542fa17ea_q.jpgFinding grants for recreation centers provides a great example of looking at a wide variety of funding categories. One such category is grants for overall community betterment, which can include recreation centers. Take a look at the Corning Foundation grant below for an opportunity in this category. Recreation centers can also be funded by grants that help prevent obesity and keep people active. The Children’s Obesity Fund, detailed below, will fits that category. Sports are often a large part of recreation centers, so grants that support sports needs are another funding category. Check out the details of the Finish Line Youth Foundation grant program for an example of this category.

Corning Foundation Incorporated

Under its community heading, the Corning Foundation Incorporated grant program helps fund organizations that create a lasting impact on a community. Non-profit organizations in the following communities where Corning has a presence are eligible to apply: Blacksburg, VA; Canton, NY; Concord, NC; Corning-Elmira, NY; Durham, NC; Fairport, NY; Glendale, AZ; Harrodsburg, KY; Hickory, NC; Keene, NH; Keller, TX; Kennebunk, ME; Middlesex Valley, MA; Oneonta, NY; Palo Alto, CA; Wilmington, NC; and Winston-Salem, NC. Priority is given to those projects that have multiple investors as opposed to reliance on a single donor. Currently, the foundation makes grants totaling more than $5 million in giving annually. Grants are accepted on a year round basis.

Children’s Obesity Fund

Grants to keep kids active and healthy would be a great way to help fund a recreation center. The Children’s Obesity Fund supports non-profit organizations dedicated to ending the epidemic of children’s obesity. Instead of giving detailed criteria for what and whom it funds, this organization would prefer you fill out an application and then respond to tell you if you qualify for funding. Grant funding varies based on an organization’s need and mission. Since they gained 501(c)(3) status in 2014, they don’t have a long giving history.  But one grant recipient was Goal4Health Youth Soccer League, a Christian community youth soccer league for kids ages 4-12 and a separate league for adult women living in the San Bernardino area.

Finish Line Youth Foundation

Sports are often an integral part of a recreation center. The Finish Line Youth Foundation has three different grant programs that can help fund sports needs. Non-profit organizations hoping to create programs focused on active lifestyles and youth athletic teams should look to the programmatic grant category. This category of grant will not be enough to build a recreation center but instead can help fund specific sports program in the recreation center. These grants can be up to $5,000. Programs that serve disadvantaged and special needs kids will receive special consideration. Legacy Grants are the second funding area and these grants fund new facilities or improvements or renovations to existing buildings/property. These grants range from $10,000-$75,000. The third grant category is for $5,000-$25,000 and helps fund emergency needs that arise in the case of a natural disaster. Grants are accepted Jan. 1-March 31, April 1-June 30, July 1-Sept. 30, and Oct. 1-Dec. 31. is a full-service grant company with a wide variety of services. We can help you with every step of the grant process from program development to grant writing to program management. Get started with a free consultation with one of our expert Grant Helpers.


Photo Credit: Fort George G. Meade Public Affairs Office

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