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Workforce Re-Entry Grants and Domestic Violence Grants

Thu, Jan 19, 2017 @ 08:01 AM / by Michelle Hansen

32114695781_1a5f1d21d0_q.jpgWe are addressing two grant topics this week upon discovering grants with upcoming deadlines in two related yet separate areas. Workforce re-entry grants are important for those organizations helping people to get back in the workforce following an illness, incarceration, child rearing, or other reason. Victims of violent crime also can benefit from grant-funded assistance. Below please find some grant opportunities for both of these areas.

Smart Supervision

Seven grants of up to $750,000 are available to states, units of local government, and federally recognized tribal governments through this Department of Justice program. The program aims to improve the capacity and effectiveness of community supervision agencies, which will in turn lead to an increase of probation and parole success rates and reduce the number of crimes committed by those under probation and parole supervision. The end goal is to reduce admission to prisons and jails while also saving taxpayer dollars. Agencies should propose evidence-based and innovative grant activities to build capacity in one or more areas assessed as needing improvement and utilizing the action research approach. All applications are due March 7.

Peggy and Jack Baskin Foundation

For those organizations in the San Francisco, Monterey Bay, or Santa Cruz CA areas, this private foundation helps organizations that assist women over the age of 40 re-enter the workforce. This foundation supports organizations that provide model, promising, or start-up programs serving re-entry women. Programs may provide training, resources, or tools that can improve the quality of re-entry programs. Emphasis is placed on programs with one or more advisors, including peer group resource building, as well as on programs that focus on confidence-building and business skills. Additionally, those organizations that provide workshops and help train women on technological resources for business are also favored.

This foundation uses a three-step application process. Step one is submitting an Organization Information Form which can be found on the website. Eligible organizations will then be asked to submit a Letter of Intent and then a formal application. In recent years the foundation has supported four different college programs that support women re-entering the workplace. Awards tend to be in the $10,000 - $25,000 range.

Weyerhaeuser Family Foundation

The goal of the Children's Initiative Grant Program is to support direct service programs that create and promote stability, resilience, and healing for children who have witnessed domestic violence. Programs must serve children ages 0-14 who have witnessed domestic violence. Eligible programs must non-profit and also be new or within their first year of existence. Priority is given to those that include an education component for the parent/primary caregiver, offer therapeutic services beyond crisis intervention, and collaborate with other organizations to enhance services. The average grant size is $25,000.

The Moving Ahead Financial Empowerment Grant Program

This grant program awards grants to state domestic violence coalitions to provide innovative financial empowerment programs for survivors.  Grants support matched savings programs, job readiness and job training, financial literacy, and micro-enterprise programs. Grant amounts range from $50,000 to $100,000. Eligible organizations should respond to the Request for Proposal in July with applications due in August. The Kentucky Domestic Violence Association used a grant from this program to create an economic empowerment program. This program has allowed victims of domestic violence to create individual savings accounts to purchase cars, a home, or education. can help you find grants for a variety of different needs and causes. We will tailor our services to fit your needs, and we aim to provide value in every interaction. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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