Is COPS Secure Our Schools Right for You?

Note: The Community Oriented Policing Program (COPS, US Department of Justice) Secure Our Schools grant program is not currently being funded, but COPS is funding other grant programs. We still receive a lot of interest in school security, so we keep this information available for schools to use when applying to COPS and other programs. If you need help finding funding to support emergency preparedness in schools, please contact us for assistance.

The Community Oriented Policing Services (COPS) Secure Our Schools grant program provided federal funding to schools to address school security issues through 2011. Applicable grant projects included:  school safety grant resized 600

  • Installing and implementing a deterrent measure
  • Security training for staff
  • Completing a professional security assessment

Download our free COPS overview and assessment tool. 

In addition to providing an introduction to the 2011 grant program, Is COPS Right For You contains a valuable self-assessment tool based on the COPS Secure our Schools grant guidelines. Is COPS Right For You can help your district determine whether you are prepared to apply for grants similar to the COPS Secure our Schools grant. 

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