Is REMS Right for You?

Update: The REMS program was eliminated in 2011. For more information on alternative grant programs, read our last REMS update here, published April 7th, 2011. To be notified of other school security grant programs, join The Watch List, our free grant notification service.

school security grantsCrisis prevention and intervention in public schools is important, but most districts have limited resources. The Department of Education's Readiness and Emergency Management in Schools (REMS) grant program offers grant funding to public school districts to assist with emergency preparedness efforts. 

REMS is a competitive grant program, with a success rate of approximately between 25% and 33%. Our free article Is REMS Right for You? is designed to help districts determine if they are prepared to compete for a REMS grant.

In addition to providing an introduction into the REMS program, "Is REMS Right For You?" contains a self-analysis tool that reflects key areas of the REMS proposal. It's designed as a helpful first step for schools considering applying for REMS.

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