The Grant Helpers offers a wide array of grant services and resources at no and low cost. Our experts will verify the service(s) you request is a good fit for your organization or we will issue a refund. To ask questions and to request additional services including proposal preparation, contact us.


Free Services and Resources

  Consultation with a Grant Expert

GrantExpert Our grant experts can assist you in a wide variety of areas, including brainstorming funding angles and better identifying areas in which we can be of most assistance to you.



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  Making the Case for Funding

MakeCase 120 tanbkg Learn how to make a better argument for why your organization should receive funding.

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  Grant Readiness Document

Grant_Opportunity_Review Our Grant Readiness paper explains several elements of being "grant ready." This document also provides tips on how to better identify grants, write successful grant applications and receive funding.

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Services for Purchase


Grant Opportunity Search

Grant_Opportunity_Review We will produce a Grant Opportunity Report with a list of relevant grant opportunities you can apply to. The opportunities have been reviewed and evaluated for your organization's specific goals and needs. This service also includes suggestions for increasing your likelihood of funding if you decide to apply for any of the opportunities listed.

$250.00 for 3 funding opportunities
$400.00 for 5 funding opportunities


Number of Opportunities



Single, Specific Opportunity Review

OppRpt tan 120 If you have identified a specific funding opportunity, we will make sure it's a good fit for your organization before you expend the time and resources to develop a full proposal.

$75.00 for grant guidelines 30 pages or less
$125.00 for grant guidelines more than 30 pages

Organizational Grant Readiness Review

Grant_Opportunity_Review We will identify ways you can better find and respond to grant opportunities, identify critical gaps in grant readiness, and recommend specific ways to increase your chances of securing funding.


Customized Service

Grant_Opportunity_Review If you have received a quote for a customized service and are paying by PayPal or credit card, select a service code from the pull-down menu at right.

$300 to $5,000
Service Option