The Watch List: Grant Sources at No Charge

Our Grant Helpers are always on the alert for funding opportunities.  We subscribe to all kinds of grant notification services, and we constantly review grant opportunities.  While we’re at it, we can keep you in mind and notify you if we see a match.  To get on our Watch List, simply fill out the form to the right.  You’ll be added instantly.

How does it work? 

  • Once you're on the Watch List, we'll notify you if we come across a funding program that might match one of your top funding priorities. 
  • We cannot promise we'll encounter any matches, but if we do, we’ll send you information about the opportunity, without comment or analysis. 
  • There is no charge or obligation on your part, and you can opt out at any time. 
  • There is no expiration date on the Watch List. If the service ever changes, we'll let you know.

What's a Funding Priority? 

A funding priority is the item or service you'd like to support with grant funding. Priorities can be broad or more specific, depending on your organization's needs. Example funding priorities might include: 

  • Start up funds for your organization
  • Emergency preparedness for schools
  • Research and development support for a medical device
  • Assistive devices for an elderly health care center
  • Accompanist for a community choir
  • Develop training to re-integrate for ex-offenders into society

No charge? Really? 

Yes, really. The Watch List is part of our commitment to help you get the funding you need. It's also a way for us to show you the value we can bring to your organization.  We hope that once you know how we can help you, you'll want us to do even more, but there's no obligation on your part. 

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